• Change your location

    • Browse anonymously
    • Unlock country specific content
    • Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, CBS, NBC
  • Be safe on the internet

    • Be safe on public Wi-Fi
    • Protect your identity
    • Be anonymous
    • Hide your IP
  • High-speed and reliable servers

    • Latest VPN optimized hardware
    • Controlled access to servers
    • No speed limit
    • No usage limit
    • 24/7 support

View blocked websites

VPN, virtual private network, connects a device to the private (local) network of a business or home as if that device is physically connected to that network. The device will then be protected by the private network’s security and management policies. VPN is mainly used by a company’s employees while travelling to connect to their company’s private network and access sensitive files.

Avoid censorship and surveillance

When you access the internet through your ISP, your ISP can see everything you do and you can only view content available for your country. You are also open to cyber-attacks by hackers, specially if you are connected to the internet from a public access point (Wi-Fi).

Browse without location restrictions

Running PegasusVPN on your device will encrypt all data transfers between your device and PegasusVPN servers, giving you the privacy you deserve. You will then be accessing the internet with a new IP-address from PegasusVPN, as if you were physically there. You will also be able to access contents available to the countries in which PegasusVPN servers are located.

Browse without location restrictions

PegasusVPN has a long experience in network security and management. With our vast knowledge in networking, we have configured servers to provide an excellent experience to our customers with minimum latency and speed loss and very high server reliability. Our servers are ISP quality servers, providing optimum environment both in software and hardware for internet traffic to flow smoothly.